Great Book for Children

I purchased this book for my son And he absolutely loves it….. it has taught him to never give up
In his dreams and he can accomplish anything. Can’t wait for more from this author!!!

You Can Be Anything

We received our books today, and we read them right away!! My grands were very excited and there was a lot of conversation about the pictures and what was going on. And just like the author states children can be anything they want to be, but you have to work hard at it before it becomes a reality. I recommend this book for all children who aspire to become a fire fighter, but more importantly to learn that ANY dream can come true if you work for it.

Thumbs up to this book

Great story I love how the illustrations brings the character to life. Love this book

Heart warming, touching and amazing

When you go to purchase a book,an individual looks for a book that would relate to them or grabs your attention. This book speaks through a little boys who dreams of being a Fireman. I love how Ms.Mack puts little details to tell her little boy this book is about you, but probably is telling the same story of another little boy/girl dreams too. This book is heart warming, touching and amazing at the same time. This book give hope to all little boys/girls who dream big or small, they can be whatever they put their mines to with love of their parents.

Wonderful Book!

This book is great. The illustrations are fantastic and the words really teach kids to reach for their dreams!